More features, more benefits

Our outdoor systems combine functionality and usability, both in the assembly and installation process, as well as in their daily use.

Main advantages

Thanks to the axle’s optimised design, we are able to prevent any unwanted fabric marks and folds.

Flexible low-noise internal profile. Thanks to the installation of a flexible end piece within the shutterbox itself, we can reduce as much as possible the noise produced by the system during its operation. Furthermore, we have added a draft excluder strip on the shutterbox bottom seal to prevent potential fabric chafing against the guiderails during raising and lowering.

With a top rail inlet guide, it can ensure correct fabric position. Thanks to its fastener guide system, we prevent any unwanted fabric folds, thereby offering a better performance in terms of wind resistance.

A great capacity bottom load slat optimises vertical tightening while offering further resistance. In this manner, we can achieve ideal fabric compensation by using counterbalances. And in order to adjust any surface inclinations, we also include a 15mm high rubber seal that also prevents water ingress.

All our systems may be wall or ceiling mounted and are supplied with either manual or motorised operation.

Thanks to the bottom seal’s height and flexibility, in addition to being easy to recover, it provides further waterproofing features, even on irregular surfaces.

The zipscreen system allows the possibility of activation by SOMFY motor supplied by solar energy. Besides the assembly can be conducted from the exterior and any electric installation is required. Its accumulator remains perfectly integrated in the lateral guide rails, which allows any maintenance operation in an easy and comfortable way.