Indoor vertical sun protection systems

Our systems for indoor roller blinds include the last aesthetic novelties with the most innovative solutions for solar protection. The result is a universe of possibilities adapted to each space and ambient to achieve the maximum comfort and light adjustment.

Innovation in indoor sun protection systems

Mauré indoor roller blind is an excellent solution to bring character to any room of the house, controlling the amount of light of the ambient due to the combination of the our mechanisms and fabrics available to you.

Libero is a declaration to the simplicity where the fabric is the focus. Made to slip unperceived due to its lack of visible mechanic elements, this model is the indicated to permit that the room shines on its own light or hides from jealous look, depending on the occasion.

Speaking of the Teva model means design, minimalism and architecture in its most pure lines. The space where is integrated, adds an extra of elegance that provides carácter to the room. Under its geometric lines, an allied to dominate the light is concealed.

Look and look again. Noa is the Summit of the integration, it is present only when is needed. The direct installation in the part of this model makes of this model the perfect partner to any room where the wind blows at ease and the windows take us to the outdoor.

El amanecer y el ocaso en tus manos. La luz revela sus secretos con este modelo que otorga el control total de la intensidad claridad que se adentra en la estancia. Un juego de luces y sombras con el que vestir cualquier espacio y alcanzar el confort en cada instante.


They are easy to install and only require minimal maintenance, making our range of outdoor vertical systems an ideal choice to divide any area..