Instalation Systems

The portfolio of models of Mauré Indoor roller blind has been conceived to cover any decorative and functional aspiration due to the multitude of fabrics and colours available.With up to 3 different systems of integration and the motor option, this collection is perfect for filling any room with colour and design.

Chain system

This traditional and simple system, allows for a manual activation by pushing a chain which rolls up or lower the fabric on the axle, adjusting in a precise manner the quantity of light in the room.

Motor system

In this system, the fabric moves vertically in an automatic mode. It allows stopping the rolling , even setting positions (in some models of motor) to adjust depending on the hours of the day or the effect of the light in the room.

Night and Day system

It is meant to have an absolute control of the quantity of light that enters the room, this system fastens the lower end piece to the internal part of the boxm, so that a double layer of fabric will be formed. Its strip configuration allows for adjusting the ilumination, making a coïncidencewith the two fabric layers.

Limpet system

The system remains totally integrated in the window itself, eliminating the obstacles since it allows its opening and the access in case it is installed on access doors.




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