Installation systems

Our outdoor screen collection is both versatile and functional as well as varied, thanks to the wide range of geometric shapes and sizes that we offer. It comprises up to six different installation systems, including the option for wall or ceiling mounting. Most of our choices include a guide rail with a built in adjustment profile to allow for an ideal installation on any surface.

Zipscreen system

Comprising side guide rails with built in thermosealed fasteners attached to the fabric, this system provides great wind resistance while ensuring full light adjustment. It is suitable for installation in homes that require sun as well as weather protection, and it can be easily installed on windows, pergolas and glazing. This is clearly our most comprehensive, efficient and highest quality solution.

Guide rails system

Suitable for installation on fixed glazing such as structures and wide surfaces that require light adjustment but where wind resistance is not a determining factor

Stainless steel Ø10mm rod system

Suitable to cover reduced areas or glazed surfaces requiring vertical sun protection. It is attached from the ceiling all the way to the ground.

Stainless steel Ø4mm cable system

Suitable for surfaces requiring vertical sun protection. A subtle alternative to the other available systems. It is attached from the ceiling all the way to the ground.

(High Wind Resistance)

This system comes with a guide rail that is designed to support the end profile, which stays connected to it, even when there are strong gusts of wind. The fabric slides supported by an internal guide rail that is held in place by stainless steel counter-balancing springs. The telescopic end plugs are not fastened to the profile, which reduces the tension of the fabric.

This system is ideal for setups that are up to 8 metres wide with a level 6 wind resistance.

Tension / Veranda system

The Veranda tension system can be used for horizontal setups l gracias a la inclusión de un sistema de muelles integrado en el terminal, which guarantees that the overall tension of the fabric can be adjusted correctly. There are 3 different versions of this system. Thanks to the tension system along the whole guide rail, it is ideal to cover glass roofs or pergolas. It can be mounted on both the roof and on the wall and it is powered by a motor.